​​​​​AIA Continuing Education

AIA Continuing Education

BASF’s Wall Systems team has developed a robust set of AIA/CES courses designed to help you stay current on the latest building envelope construction strategies and trends. Our courses are led by highly-knowledgeable instructors with real-world experience.

Learn more about available courses and submit the registration form below. We will  contact you to schedule a seminar at a convenient time for you and your team.

Insulated Masonry Veneer Systems

Course: WLSYS04​
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • ​Understand the challenges of multi-clad projects
    • Identify the importance and relevance of the IBC and the IECC and the required testing for compliance
    • Evaluate the key physical properties that impact long term performance of these systems
    • Understand how insulated masonry veneer systems can meet code compliance and durability while allowing for the desired aesthetics to be met for the project
    • Properly specify Insulated Masonry Veneer Systems​

The Evolution of EIFS

Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • Explore the functional and aesthetic development of EIFS since its inception
    • Demonstrate how changes in construction practices and code requirements are affecting wall cladding design
    • Explain how EIFS can be a simple and cost effective solution to meeting the Energy Code

Fluid-Applied Air, Water and Vapor Barriers

Course Number: FAAWVP
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • Learn about the role of barriers in building envelope performance and how to treat rough openings in the wall using fluid-applied air barrier systems
    • Learn air barrier requirements and ways to demonstrate compliance
    • Learn the similarities and differences between air, vapor and water-resistive barriers and understand the criteria of a performance-based fluid-applied barrier material specification.

Insulated Wall Cladding Systems and Assemblies

Course Number: IWCSYSTEMS
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • Discuss how building enclosure design and construction has become much more complex due to the overlapping requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code and the fire performance requirements of the International Building Code.  
    • Explore ways to reliably attain design, construction and code compliance objectives while simultaneously improving project quality and reducing project cost and risk

Optimizing Stucco Performance

Course Number: BASFOSP
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • Understand how to ensure performance of Stucco systems through proper specs, details, materials and options
    • Explore considerations that must be evaluated in order to ensure long-term performance of a project​​​

Conventional Stucco Issues – Remedied

Course Number: CSIRCSB ​
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • Learn the common issues and problems that occur with modern hard coat stucco placed on framed construction
    • ​Learn the functional benefits of Fluid Applied Air and Weather Barriers over conventional code minimum requirements for water resistive barriers used under stucco wall systems
    • Learn how to impart surface facial rain resistance creating a barrier wall system over conventional modern stucco being a reservoir cladding system
    • Learn the solutions to the problems associated with modern stucco by exploring this alternative stucco look system
    • Learn and understand the complete installation process of this "Problem Free Stucco Wall System​"

​​​​Non Metallic Plaster Bases (lath) in Exterior Portland Cement Plaster (stucco)

Course Number: Nonmetalath
Credits: 1.0 LU hour (HSW)
What you can expect from the course.
    • ​Key functions and types of plaster base materials (lath) used in Exterior Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco)​
    • Non metallic plaster base (lath) technologies, uses and installation
    • Evolution of ASTM Standards for Non metallic plaster bases (lath)
    • Testing, performance and building code compliance

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